ecahologoneugro 160Attention! The events start at 8:00 on 12.07.2014 (Saturday)!


Dear Visitors,

together with the ISG - Europe Championate (12.07.2014.) we shall have the Bábolna C Int. Show.

You can find the shedule, the entry and reservation forms here:

Schedule (hu/eng)

Entry form (eng)

Reservation form (eng)

About the rules you may find more information at the webpage or in the "blue book 2014".


You find the program here.


Dear Breeders!

The arrival of the horses is continuous from 12:00 on 10.07.2014. (Thursday).

The giving of the catalog and start numbers:
From 12:00 11.07.2014. (Friday) until 16:00 at the Studyard (Chamber Hall)
From 6:30 12.07.2014. (Saturday) until 08:00 at the track
From 6:30 13.07.2014. (Sunday) until 08:00 at the track

Please in order of the undisturbed conduction of the events keep the order of the registration!

Thank you very much: Bábolna Nemzeti Ménesbirtok Kft.

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