isg plakat angol kicsiAttention! The events start at 8:00 on 12.07.2014 (Saturday)!

You find the program here.

Dear Breeders!

The arrival of the horses is continuous from 12:00 on 10.07.2014. (Thursday).

The giving of the catalog and start numbers:
From 12:00 11.07.2014. (Friday) until 16:00 at the Studyard (Chamber Hall)
From 6:30 12.07.2014. (Saturday) until 08:00 at the track
From 6:30 13.07.2014. (Sunday) until 08:00 at the track

Please in order of the undisturbed conduction of the events keep the order of the registration!

Thank you very much: Bábolna Nemzeti Ménesbirtok Kft.

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