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Today, with 52 attendants, we held an ISG judge course, in french- german- english and hungarian languages. After the opening ceremony at 9am - which had been opened by the chairman of the ISG, Ahmed Al Samarraie and the Stud's director, Balázs Bérci - we held a theoretical training, then after a short break, the participants could learn practical judging and description of Shagya Arabian mares and stallions in 4 groups with the aid of Ahmed Al Samarraie, Bruno Furrer, Sabine Marchand Furrer, Dr. Walter Hecker and Tamás Rombauer. At 5pm we held a programme, in which the viewers could watch Bábolna's famous "harsonás" riders and a 5 in hand carriage. Then began the stallion parade. Before the ISG's assembly Stud Director, Balázs Bérci held a speech about things that happened around the stud in the last few years, since he became the director.

PC-9378 kicsi






Balázs Bérci, managing director

PC-9736 kicsi




Ahmed Al Samarraie, ISG chairman

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81 horses were competing for the prizes.

A short report can be found on our facebook page.

PC-10 2e kicsi




O'Bajan XXVI-2 the winner of the 2 year old stallion category

PC-18 said b 10 eves es idosebb menek kategoriajanak gyoztese kicsi




Said B the winner of the 10 or more year old stallion category

PC-Gazal XXI-3 a 3 eves kancak gyoztese kicsi




Gazal XXI-3 the winner of the 3 year old mare category

PC-Koheilan XIV-5 az ves kancacsikok gyoztese kicsi




Koheilan XIV-5 the winner of the 1 year old filly foal category

PC-CSI 2157 kicsiPC-CSI 3082 kicsiPC-CSI 5088 kicsi



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