arboretum03The Arboretum is open for rest and relaxation since 1965. Our guests may admire 335 deciduous and 156 evergreen trees and shrubs, while walking the well maintained paths of the place, and can sit down at the nice rest areas at this conservationist garden. Especially during the summer it’s good to sit down near the small lake or even et the island of the middle of it.

A nice addition to the arboretum is the petting zoo which introduces the indigenous domesticated animals. Here live special Hungarian poultry races, “racka” sheeps, and even “mangalica” pigs.


In a separate area we may see wild animals typical to the area: wild boars and dears.

One of the unique sights in the arboretum is the memorial park for famous horses. These mounds – 18 of them – and the headboards commemorates the famous horses of Bábolna. 54 horses are buried under the boards and the tombstones made of marble.

The arboretum show a different sight in every season. At spring, after a long winter we may enjoy the awakening plant- and animal-life, and the blossoming trees, and the song of birds who are looking for their mates. At summer the arboretum is the most wonderful green, and you may smell the freshly cut grass in the air, and see the grazing flock. At autumn mother nature puts on her colorful clothes, and you can feel the sad mood of passing time. During the winter the trees wear proudly the coating of show. But every year and every time this 19,4 acre area is a sight which must be seen.

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