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lofajtak enbuszkesegeink enszolgaltatasaink enelado lovak en

The arabian stud farm counts nearly 268 horses, the core consists of 19 stallion and 51 breeding mares. In the breeding of pure-breed arabian horses the egyptian pure-breed horses are considered an exceptional asset. The Shagya-arabian race is notable for its elegance, harmonic movement, exceptional good will, great learning abilities, good working abilities and good proportioning.

In the stud-farm of the Bábolna Nemzeti Ménesbirtok Ltd. at Dióspuszta the breeding of English Thoroughbred is going on nearly for forty years now. The racehorses of Bábolna are famous not only on the hungarian but on europian racetracks also.

Bábolna Nemzeti Ménesbirtok    2943 Bábolna, Mészáros út 1.
Tel.: +36 34/569-200    Fax: +36 34/569-202    E-mail:

Honlapkészítés: R-BIS